Our Product

We are delighted to take extra steps in order to achieve maximum output of production with superior quality.

We use only the best seed in our plantation and our products went through strict quality control to ensure optimal performance that you need.

Pure, Food grade produced from palm oil fractination process. It is highly suitable for frying and cooking. Produced with high standard process, our olein is cholesterol free and rich in vitamin D and E. Thus product has been widely used in household and industries.
Recommended for baking and deep frying, our shortening has been texturized to give good plasticity and smooth consistency to provide good leavening and tenderizing effect. In addition, it is trans-fat and cholesterol free.
Our margarine is made from high quality palm oil with high quality process. The production is supported with modern equipment and less human intervention, giving you high quality and hygienic margarine. With its unique texture and taste, our margarine product gained a continuously growing
Composed and manufactured to match butter properties, our butter Oil substitute has an equivalent quality with butter which makes it a good choice for vast range of bakery products.
Due to its physical character that is similar of traditional paraffin, Palm Wax is predominately and increasingly used as raw materials in candle, plastic additives and water resistance additives industries.

Recently, palm wax has become a very suitable partial or total substitute to paraffin. It is usually mixed with paraffin or other wax products to generate compounded wax, as a more efficient method of production.
We also produce:
Soap Bar, Laundry Soap Noodle, Multi Purpose Soap Noodle, and Toilet Soap Noodle.
Our soaps are made from 100% natural palm-based raw material and widely known, as we have a vast range of standard, specialty and customized grades.